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Massage Therapy is a treatment which is essential for the relaxation of your body and mind. Imagine being able to get rid of the tension pain and restlessness in just a couple of sessions of the therapeutic touch.

There are many places where you can get your Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage in NYC but even the best spas don't offer the kind of healing touch you can get in our studio Les mains massage at Upper West Side. If you are looking for a legit massage place with a long history of patients healing success, licensed massage therapists who are trained in anatomy, pathology, physiology and have years of experience in healing injuries, and you believe in credentials you are welcome to come to us.

We practice many massage techniques and specialize in neuropathy pain management techniques, TMJ, Lower Back PainMedi-Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage, Headache and Foot Pain. Therefore either you are seeking help with relieving muscular tension pain, any occupational pathology or you simply want to get a relaxation massage then our studio is the right place for you. In our practice, we welcome everyone who is seeking natural pain management treatments. 

Our session begins with a consultation and assessment followed by the treatment and ends with recommendations.

We promise our client's professional services, a warm massage table and a bottle of water for better health.

If you wish to refresh and rejuvenate, we also offer various facial treatments as well as body treatments.

You may book your appointment now and enjoy the day as you wouldn't before! 


Our Studio is located at 506 Amsterdam Ave (lower level, between 84th & 85th street )on the UWS  100024 in Manhattan, NYC.

Massage Therapy at Financial District as well as in-home is available upon earlier booking.

  • All services are available by appointment only.
  • Credit Cards are accepted online only
  • 24 Hour cancelation policy applies
  • First Time clients are required to Book Services Online!
  • If you wish us to provide a massage table to your residence, please book accordingly. We do not provide linen.

Disclaimer: We provide professional services only. If you are looking for any illegal or sexual activities, please look elsewhere! 

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