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We are here to help you! You can feel safe with us! With our great education, skills, and healing energy we are fully prepared to treat lots of body conditions, which can not be fixed by any other group of health care providers.

A massage, if provided by a licensed clinical massage therapist, is the safest way to get rid of stress, pain and it causes without any side effects. To have the desired results, it is crucial to follow your provider's recommendations in regard to diet as well as therapy frequency.

Massage Therapists are in soft tissue medical field, physical therapists are mobility and movement restoration trained, chiropractors are trained in spine injuries and alignments only. It is impossible to adjust properly spine without previous massage or muscle heating up. If all your chiropractor does is "cracking" your back - change chiropractor before is too late.

The three professions complement each other but do not give expected results if used interchangeably.

COMMON CONDITIONS Treated Successfully With Massage Therapy:

    ...and many more 
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