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Facial & Body Treatments @ Your Location

FACIAL is a very general term for skin treatments usually performed by a licensed esthetician. There are a variety of types of facials, different types of products used, and there can be some variation in length. The basic goals of facials are to clean and rejuvenate the epidermal layer. The skin will be thoroughly cleansed and dead skin cells will be exfoliated. The esthetician will evaluate your skin type and find treatments that will best fit your skin needs. You may have an extractions of condones and a facial massage with applications of various creams and moisturizers. Overall you will look and feel great! ( read more...)

Please note: Your facial and body  treatment may be performed on your sofa or bed. If you wish to use my facial table and linens, please add it on to the service request while booking.

We request a minimum booking of $95 for each selected category service.​


​Exfoliation treatment includes a body scrub or dry body brushing. Most body scrubs contain a blend of oils with fine and coarse grains. Such deeply relaxing treatments are shown to decrease stress and increase blood circulation. 

Dry Body Brushing + (30 min) $100 / BOOK NOW

Salt Scrub (30 min) $120 / BOOK NOW


Body wraps is a treatment where bandages or plastic wrap are tightly wrapped around the body to cause quick weight loss through vasodilation. The treatment starts with an application of a body mask made of algae, seaweed, mud, clay, lotion or cream, then wrapped for 20 minutes to keep you warm. Later, the product is rinsed off. The body wrap usually ends with an application of lotion (technically not a massage). This body wrap treatment is sometimes called a body cocoon or body mask.

Purifying Back Treatment $140 / BOOK NOW

Detox Algae Wrap $250 / BOOK NOW

Slimming Algae Treatment $250 / BOOK NOW

Moisturizing Wrap $160 / BOOK NOW

Bath Soak $80 / BOOK NOW

Add on services

Early (before 8am) or late (after 9pm) appointments add  $30 / BOOK NOW

Use our facial bed $50 / BOOK NOW

Use our linen/towels $10 / BOOK NOW

Ultrasound/LED $60 / BOOK NOW

Aromatherapy $30 / BOOK NOW

Chemical Peel AHA/BHA $120 / BOOK NOW

Brows Henna $20 / BOOK NOW 

Brows Tweezing $30 / BOOK NOW





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